The Direct Line Between Happiness and Productivity with Will Henshall

On this episode – a milestone as we mark the 200th(!) episode of The Productivityist Podcast – my guest is Will Henshall, CEO and founder of Focus@Will.

This week on the 200th(!) episode of The Productivityist Podcast my guest is Will Henshall. Will is the CEO and founder of Focus@Will, a tech music platform that helps 1.5M professionals be up to four times more productive at work.

Will has had a 30 year notable career as a start up entrepreneur, tech inventor and musician. He founded the platinum selling 90s British pop soul band Londonbeat (he wrote Billboard #1 hit songs ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’ and ‘Come Back’). In 1996 he started up San Francisco based Rocket Network, and invented the pro audio media transfer tool ProTools DigiDelivery, used extensively in movie post production, sold to Avid in 2003.

During our nearly hour-long conversation, we talked about the evolution of his entrepreneurial journey, attention and what distractibility has done to our productivity (and what he is doing to help combat that), the relationship between happiness and productivity, and so much more.

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We jammed a lot into this double-sized episode of the podcast. I hope you enjoy the show!

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