Crafting Conscious Communications with Mary Shores

I'm excited to be joined by Mary Shores this week, the bestselling author of Conscious Communications: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life. Mary is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Through her work, she provides pragmatic solutions for people who are "freaking out". With an extensive knowledge of neuroscience and human behaviour added to her repertoire, she guides businesses and individuals to defeat the "freak out" and create their ideal life.

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The topics Mary and I discussed had a ton of significance regarding our choices and perception and how they shape our current situations. Some of the topics we covered in our conversation include:
  • How Tony Robbins impacted Mary's work and changed her life (02:47) 
  • Developing communications strategies for debt collection calls (05:46) 
  • Reframing: Changing perspectives after personal tragedy and trauma (07:26)
  • A serendipitous encounter with Chazz Palminteri back in 1993 for the movie A Bronx Tale  (12:20) 
  • The Power of Words: How your words help shape your life and manifest your intentions (18:05)
  • Mary’s daily practice of gratitude and journaling to harness the power of words (26:09) 
  • Motivation then Action: Writing a one page action plan that becomes the blueprint to integrate the plan into your life (29:23)
"The most beautiful part of your story, even when these terrible things happen, the more empowering part and the more impactful part is in how did you move on. And so when you look at your circumstances in this way that creates you to be a victim, then you make choices that a victim makes… Whereas when you look at yourself as someone who's overcome something, then you can look at yourself through a perception of  empowerment and then you're making choices that an empowered person makes." ~ Mary Shores
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I encourage you to check out everything that we spoke about and to also pick up Mary's book. This session’s message with Mary is powerful and I'm delighted to have had a very productive conscious communication with you through this podcast.

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Thank you for listening. Until next time!

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