Achieving Work-Life Balance with Clayton Morris

On today's podcast episode, I spend time with Clayton Morris. Clayton Morris is a former FOX News Anchor who left the #1 cable news show in the world after achieving financial freedom through his real estate company, Morris Invest. He now devotes himself to helping others buy their first rental property, build passive income, and achieve financial freedom.

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Anything, both good and bad can happen to anyone at anytime. In this episode, Clayton and I discussed the the importance of building passive income and achieving financial freedom. From being a FOX News Anchor and after some epic failures he’s learned how to build a meaningful life with work-life balance.

Specifics that we covered on the show include:
  • How to be a bulldog with your productivity? (02:11)
  • On work environment (04:38)
  • On books and reading (06:32)
  • Ryan Holiday’s “one shelf idea” (11:31)
  • On creating or finding things to remind you of why you are doing what you are doing (16:28)
  • Making a shift from being an anchorman (16:44)
  • On creating a financial parachute or soft landing spot  (23:40)
  • On 401K and retirement (24:49)
  • Diving in the world of real estate investing (25:14)
  • On fame, fortune and freedom (29:57)
  • On prioritization (31:51)
  • The 3 steps: be, do and have (32:56)
“If I'm going after a big goal, I like to strike while the iron is hot. And that means for me (is) becoming a bulldog. Removing all the excess. All of the things that are not in alinement with hitting that goal.” ~ Clayton Morris

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This episode reminds us yet again the importance of creating financial freedom for yourself and for your family.  I hope you will learn as much as I did.

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