Understanding Ultralearning with Scott H. Young

On this episode of the podcast, I'm joined by fellow Canadian and author of the book *Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition and Accelerate Your Career *, Scott H. Young.

On this episode of the podcast, I'm joined by fellow Canadian and author of the book Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition and Accelerate Your Career, Scott H. Young. Scott is a writer, programmer, traveler and avid reader of interesting things. His blog is one of my personal "must reads" and over its lifespan it has asked the compelling question: what’s the best way to learn?

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On this episode of the podcast I wanted to talk to with Scott about the answers to that question his blog (and writing) has been pondering since its beginnings. I also wanted to explore the idea of "ultralearning," why striving to be an "ultralearner" is a worthwhile pursuit, and plenty of other productivity-related questions that I've wanted to ask him ever since I started following his work years ago.

Specifics that we covered on the show include:
  • What is ultralearning? (2:48)
  • The differences between "just in time learning" and ultralearning and how they can work together (5:19)
  • What the first thing Scott "ultralearned" was and how it went for him (7:03)
  • What you can do to get past the misconception that you don't have time to spend on ultralearning (8:25)
  • These are the principles of ultralearning that people tend to "mess up" the most (10:21)
  • Why Scott had to explain the principles of ultra learning and offer tactics that may work in conjunction with those principles (13:46)
  • The best principle that offers a springboard to ultralearning (18:50)
  • The role that focus plays in ultralearning (21:22)
  • Is there a point when you tend to find it's time to abandon ultralearning a particular subject or area? (24:19)
  • How spending time ultralearning can lead towards a pivot (28:09)
  • Why does this book matter now? (30:34)
"The ultralearner is the person who is going to do that hard thing even if it's a little bit more uncomfortable and get that result rather than someone who is going to do that easy thing that isn't going to make much progress." - Scott H. Young

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By the time you're done listening to this episode you'll have a sense not only what ultra learning is and how it can work for you, but that it's something you can certainly do if you decide it's important enough to make happen. That's the key. (FYI: Scott's book will help you with that decision.)

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I appreciate you giving this episode a listen as I enjoyed putting it together for you. See you later.

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