Bringing Gratitude with Karl Staib

I'm joined by my good friend and author of "Bring Gratitude," Karl Staib on this episode. We spend time speaking about the effects that gratitude can have on your productivity when you simply "bring it" into your life as much as possible.

I'm joined by my good friend and author of Bring Gratitude: Feel Joyful with Bite-Sized Mindset Practices, Karl Staib on this episode. We spend time speaking about the effects that gratitude can have on your productivity when you simply "bring it" into your life as much as possible.

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Karl is also the creator of free 30-Day Bring Gratitude Challenge, an initiative that helps people strengthen their mindset through practicing gratitude. The challenge is presented in a private Facebook Group and his goal is to get the smartest and most caring people together to create an amazing community so they can help each other learn from our mistakes and build a life that they all love.

Talking Points
  • Why Karl is a recovering "complainer" (2:07)
  • What Karl means when he encourages you to "bring" gratitude (4:00)
  • The story of the meeting that began Karl's mindset shift towards gratitude (5:19)
  • What Karl does when he catches himself veering away from gratitude (8:02)
  • The question Karl asks himself that helps him tap into gratitude when he's "just not feeling it" (10:33)
  • Karl explains how to leverage both willpower and way power to help you practice gratitude (14:26)
  • Karl gets into some of the scientific studies that have been made around the effects of gratitude (18:20)
  • These are the 3 levels of gratitude... (27:06)
  • The important thing Karl does at the end of the day (31:14)
  • What finally made the journaling habit stick for Karl (32:23)
  • This is what you can do start building the habit of bringing gratitude more consistently today (38:08)
"If you can be grateful for who you are and know that you are good enough in what you bring to every day, then it makes everything else easier." - Karl Staib

Helpful Links
While gratitude may not have an immediate ROI when it comes to your productivity, the long-term benefits are massive. Like with meditation, simply practicing gratitude a little bit every day strengthens your resolve and builds momentum. Keeping a journal and asking yourself what you were grateful for over the course of your day can be a huge help... and you can also start your day off by simply telling yourself what you're grateful for.

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