Crowdsourcing Paris with J.H. Bunting

On this episode of the program I speak with J.H. Bunting about the life of a writer and the making of his ambitious new book, Crowdsourcing Paris: Memoirs of a Travel Adventure.

On this episode of the program I speak with J.H. Bunting about the life of a writer and the making of his ambitious new book, Crowdsourcing Paris: Memoirs of a Travel Adventure.

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J.H. Bunting (or "Joe" as I know him) is a bestselling writer, novelist, and a dad. He leads The Write Practice community, an award-winning community of creative writers. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Talia and three kids and enjoys coffee and corpse reviver no. 2s.

Joe and I talk about the evolution of his book, the challenge of doing something different or outside of the usual path, how panic and desperation can fuel productivity, and much more. I had a great time learning about Joe's process when building this book and I am happy to be able share our conversation with you.

Talking Points
  • Who is J.H. (Joe) Bunting? (2:14)
  • This is how he got his start (3:10)
  • What Joe discovered about the book while in Paris (5:48)
  • How important was it for Joe to take on this book - something that was different than what he'd done before (8:30)
  • Mark Twain played a role in the crafting of Joe's book (10:45)
  • We talk about the power of patience (16:34)
  • Did every suggested challenge that Joe was asked to do while in Paris make the cut? (22:06)
  • I circle back to the idea of panic and desperation and how it can spur on productivity (26:37)
  • Does Joe believe in willpower? (30:03)
  • Joe explains how beneficial it was for his productivity while away from his usual environment (32:32)
  • Joe offers advice regarding traveling with a young family (35:58)

"The important thing is that you're doing the work and putting it out into the world." - J.H. Bunting

Helpful Links
Writing a book is hard. Writing a book that falls outside of the scope of what you initially intended to write can be even harder. Joe took that on with passion and pride and the results show it. If you haven't already picked up Joe's book, do so now. It's a fantastic read.

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