How to Be Awesome at Your Job with Pete Mockaitis

On this episode I'm joined by Pete Mockaitis. Pete is, among plenty of other things, the founder of How to Be Awesome at Your Job and he hosts the popular podcast of the same name.

On this episode I'm joined by Pete Mockaitis. Pete is, among plenty of other things, the founder of How to Be Awesome at Your Job and he hosts the popular podcast of the same name.

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Pete is an award-winning trainer who has served clients in over 50 countries. His work has enhanced Fortune 100 corporations, high-growth startups, and major nonprofits. He’s conducted one-on-one critical thinking coaching sessions for over 700 thinkers from every Ivy League university and numerous world-class organizations such as Apple, Goldman Sachs, Google, McKinsey & Company, and the United Nations.

There's a lot to unpack in this episode – and it's one that could have gone on much longer than it did. Pete and I talk about prioritization, effectiveness and how to measure it, experimenting with different tactics and tools, and more. I'm sure you'll get a lot out of this conversation. I know I did!

Talking Points
  • Pete shares the reasons for starting his podcast (0:59)
  • This is how Pete makes it a priority to get his podcast episodes ready for production (4:25)
  • What are some of the tactics that Pete has put in place to make sure that stays a priority? (7:10)
  • Pete offers up a tool that he's found that helps him prioritize - a tool that he didn't think would work (8:35)
  • When it comes to The ONE Thing, Pete shares how you can break the bias of giving a credible answer to what your "one thing" is (11:52)
  • Here is one of the things that Pete has tried that didn't work for him as well as he'd imagined (19:08)
  • What is The Effectiveness Ratio? (22:08)
  • How important is it to let go of things? (24:51)
  • Pete and I discuss why the thinks people are drawn to certain words, along with the expectations that come with those words and terms (28:19)

"The critical stuff isn't just a smidge more important but it has sixteen times the impact." - Pete Mockaitis

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Podcast Theme Song: Nothing at All by Fictions (courtesy of Epidemic Sound)

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