The Only Skill That Matters with Jonathan Levi

On this episode I'm joined by Jonathan Levi. Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur, published author, and podcaster born and raised in Silicon Valley.

On this episode I'm joined by Jonathan Levi. Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur, published author, and podcaster born and raised in Silicon Valley.

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Jonathan is the face of such products and brands as the award-winning SuperHuman Academy Podcast; the bestselling “Become a SuperLearner” series; and, most recently, his new venture, SuperHuman Academy. Jonathan’s media products have been enjoyed by over 250,000 people in 205 countries and territories.

During our conversation we talk about the perils of overdoing optimization, how to avoid information overload, why planning matters, and Jonathan's exploits into speed reading. There's a lot to unpack in this episode... I hope you enjoy it.

Talking Points
  • Jonathan tells us a bit about himself and his origin story. (0:55)
  • How does Jonathan turn off the desire to want to optimize everything all the time? (5:04)
  • Jonathan talks about the filtration aspect of information overload (10:40)
  • This is what Jonathan thinks about planning and plans (14:59)
  • Jonathan and I talk about "speed reading" (23:44)
"I really look to things that have sustained the test of time." - Jonathan Levi
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