It's Go Time with Jill McAbe

My guest this time around is Jill McAbe. Jill is a business coach, high-performance expert and Amazon best-selling author of It’s Go Time: The ALL-IN System For Unstoppable Success in Business and Life.

My guest this time around is Jill McAbe. Jill is a business coach, high-performance expert and Amazon best-selling author of It’s Go Time: The ALL-IN System For Unstoppable Success in Business and Life.
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After seven gruelling years as celebrated restaurateur, 10+ years as a growth consultant to entrepreneurs, and a car accident that nearly took her life, Jill realized she couldn't spend another minute on a business that wasn't perfect for her in every way. At 48, Jill turned her business development skills on herself to build a business aligned with her purpose and that fits her life. She now teaches people like herself (misfits who sell their talent and crave lifestyle freedom) how they can do the same. Jill is a Top Teacher on the global career-skills platform, Skillshare. Her official residence is in Toronto, Canada; however, her dream business allows her to work from anywhere.

Jill and I spend time talking about what "go time" is, her insights on willpower (and whether or not they align with mine), and much more. It's always a pleasure to talk with a fellow Canadian, and speaking with Jill was no exception. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did.

Talking Points
  • What led Jill to think that this book needed to be out in the world? (0:53)
  • Jill shares some tips to help you go from feeling uncertainty to feeling unstoppable (2:51)
  • These are Jill's thoughts on willpower (23:39)
  • What is something someone can do either mentally or systematically to prepare themselves for challenges and uncharted terrain? (28:25)
"Your subconscious loves repetition." - Jill McAbe
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