Getting Productive With Astrology with Jill Blumenstock

It’s a topic so rarely discussed, but as you’ll learn on the show, tuning into your own daily and monthly astrological rhythms gives you permission for when you need to rest, work, and grow.

As you know, I’m fascinated by time and new ways of viewing it. It's such a precious resource and a man-made construct. And this episode takes an interesting turn: astrological readings. How do the planets around us affect the way we feel? 

Today’s guest, Jill Blumenstock, is a certified Yoga Teacher and Vedic Astrologer, and has seen firsthand the impact of tuning into your own natural rhythms. It’s a time guide that’s beyond just your horoscope; you learn how to best manage your time. In this episode we uncover how to chart your astrological patterns, how to apply it to your daily life - and hear Jill’s live reading of me... I look forward to my upcoming ‘rest’ months!

Talking Points
  • How Jill first discovered astrology (1:45)
  • What is Vedic Astrology? (3:42)
  • How Jill practically applied her astrological readings to her life (7:28)
  • Identify your cycles based on when you’re born (20:00)
  • What is the Fourth House, and why it’s the time for rest and organising (25:29)
  • Using the Ninth House to connect with your vision (32:00)

"Astrology helps me identify what I’m feeling, so I know what to use it for”

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