Mind Map Your Writing with Daphne Gray-Grant

We all need to write more crappy first drafts – that’s the way to truly get unstuck from writing. In this episode I learn from Daphne Gray-Grant about her inspiring writing process.

We all need to write more crappy first drafts – that’s the way to truly get unstuck from writing. In this episode I learn from Daphne Gray-Grant about her inspiring writing process.
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From my experience of writing a book, I know the process can easily get overwhelming. Which is why I was refreshed to hear about the need to write “crappy first drafts” from today’s guest, Daphne Gray-Grant. Aside from being a prolific writer, Daphne is also a coach to many writers who want to learn to write faster, better. She started her career in the newspaper business and quickly learnt that 80% of your writing is the process you have set up – 20% is the actual writing.

Tune in as we explore the lessons she’s taught to hundreds of her clients. We discuss mind mapping techniques, the joy of paper, and her love for treadmill desks. 

Talking Points
  • On treadmill desks and Daphne’s love of walking (1:55)
  • The draw to editing (5:57)
  • Daphne’s writing mindset and routine (9:50)
  • Is there a good timeline for writing a book? (13:39)
  • Ways to beat mind map overwhelm (23:48)
  • The impact of writing by keyboard vs by hand (31:55)
  • Who can benefit from dictations? (34:05)
  • The most common mistakes people make when mind mapping (37:42)
"A mind map is not an outline nor an organizational tool – it’s an inspirational tool." - Daphne Gray-Grant

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