Visibility Bias with John Meese

We’ve all experienced social media overwhelm – what would it be like if you removed it from your marketing strategy? John Meese joins the show to share what he’s learnt from having no social media.

Today’s guest John Meese has found something liberating: removing social media from his marketing equation. When done well, social media works, but it’s easy to get distracted by vanity metrics. After a social media detox, John discovered the best places to serve his audience online.
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I’m a huge fan of John’s entrepreneurship, so I was excited to learn more about his work with Michael Hyatt. He is the Dean of Platform University, cofounder of Notable Themes and CEO of Cowork Columbia. He is also the author Survive and Thrive: How to Build a Profitable Business in Any Economy (Including This One) which will be available this fall.

Join us as we discuss the power of email, visibility bias, how to focus on the ‘who’ – and what his priest taught him about productivity. 

Talking Points
  • Why John doesn’t use social media (1:16)
  • Should you claim your brand name across all social media channels? (7:36)
  • What kind of platform is YouTube? (11:30)
  • How to start weaning off from social media? (15:16)
  • Why email has stood the test of time (22:58)
  • His work at Platform University (27:40)
  • John’s relationship with time and productivity (32:04)
"Macro-dream and micro-execute." - John Meese
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