Working Deeply with Cristina Roman

Deep work can easily feel overwhelming, so we put it off. In this episode we dissect how you can make it meaningful to you, and apply it to any area of your life.

We’re only human – we can’t achieve everything on one single day. Instead, it takes steady increments that lead us to the desired results. Today’s guest Cristina Roman has taught her clients this very philosophy. She’s a Certified Life Coach, deep work extraordinaire, and coaches clients on overcoming procrastination. 
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By small actions, and focusing on results, we get deep into the good stuff, and less of the procrastinating tasks. Tune in as we unpick her favourite books, second order thinking, and why ‘prudence’ is my word.

Talking Points
  • Getting into a deep work state within 15 minutes (2:29)
  • Stand out learning from Cal Newport’s book ‘Deep Work’ (5:47)
  • Overcome deep work overwhelm (9:03)
  • Apply deep work to your personal life (17:46)
  • Deep work for group tasks (19:36)
  • Using evidence to beat procrastination (26:09)
  • How our language impacts our beliefs and behaviours (28:20)
  • How much procrastination can you “afford”? (32:48)
  • The fear of making the “right or wrong” decision (37:07)
  • Actionable steps to move away from procrastination (38:40)
"Slow down to speed up." - Cristina Roman
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