Escape From Boring with Joe Barnes

After reading a comment on YouTube about how to earn a good income without a boring job, today’s guest, Joe Barnes, made it his mission to find a framework that enables this. Hint: there are three ways.

When I left my full-time job at Costco, it felt like a giant leap. So I was excited to have Joe Barnes on the show to hear more about his Three Paths to pursuing your dream job. He set up Escape The System - a resource for entrepreneurs, dreamers, and world changers. He’s also the author of ‘Do The Work You Love’. By freeing your mind from society's conditioning and finding a passion, you’re on track to living the life you want.

Tune in as we learn how to escape boring jobs, how he strategically became an author – his dream job – and what he learnt from two ridiculous tennis matches.
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Talking Points
  • The boring job John did (0:32)
  • What do we actually mean by “choosing your passion”? (2:46)
  • The Three Paths (4:16)
  • Advice to the adventurous who go ‘all-in’ with a change (7:20)
  • How to stop your passions from fizzling away (9:52)
  • Dealing with fear when making the career change (12:32)
  • Advice to people who think it’s ‘past their time’ (21:15)
  • Lessons learnt from being a tennis coach (25:27) 
  • Joe’s relationship with time (29:09)
"There’s something inside of you that needs expression." - Joe Barnes
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