Focused Writing with Adam Leeb

Distraction-free writing: a process that all writers seek. Find out how today’s guest, Adam Leeb, has made it that much easier for you.

As a writer myself, getting into the ‘flow state’ isn’t alway attainable. But when I came across the distraction-free writing tool Freewrite Traveler, I had to bring on Adam Leeb, the cofounder, to the podcast. Freewrite is a portable tool with no copy/paste or other advanced editing functionality to promote maximum writing productivity. Pure magic.
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Adam is an award winning product designer and mechanical engineer who is obsessed with product design especially in relation to user experience and user interaction. Join us as we explore mechanical keyboards, removing distractions, failed crowdfunding campaigns, and 3D printing over quarantine.

Talking Points
  • What attracted Adam to design and Astrohaus (1:03)
  • Developing a tool to help writers stay focused with the creative writing process (3:16) 
  • Their design philosophy (10:26)
  • Specialized vs multi-use products (11:21)
  • Adam’s desire to design products (26:07)
  • Taking more risks (30:24)
  • Being ahead of the curve (32:32)
  • Running crowdfunding campaigns (35:23) 
  • Why crowdfund if you have the clout or finances? (42:40)
  • A reversal approach to productivity (48:06)
"It takes energy to resist"
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