Undaunted Doers with Kara Goldin

We face many hurdles as entrepreneurs which is why today’s guest, Kara Goldin, has a mission to help people get unstuck in order to move forward.

As Founder & CEO, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author and mother, today’s guest Kara Goldin wears many hats. Kara founded the flavoured water brand Hint in 2005, and has seen it grow exponentially over the years. She’s also worked at Time Inc., AOL and CNN. With her insatiable drive, how does she do it all? As we find out, it’s curiosity.
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In light of her new book ‘Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters’, Kara has learnt a lot along her entrepreneurial journey. Join our conversation as we explore hockey stick growths, natural curiosity, losing 24 pounds in 2.5 weeks – and Wild Cherry Pepsi addictions.

Talking Points
  • How Kara handles her priorities (5:31)
  • Advice on staying true to your values amidst noise (9:49)
  • The power of asking questions (21:41)
  • The memorable moment of the first Hint sale (27:06)
  • Practising patience (31:20)
"The people that call things an overnight success don’t know the true definition." - Kara Goldin

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