Master Delegation with Barbara Turley

Delegation is overwhelming. But it’s an essential part to any business, so expert Barbara Turley joins the show to explain where to begin.

How often do you get caught up with small business overwhelm? Today’s guest Barbara Turley, CEO of the Virtual Hub, is a true expert when it comes to hiring and on-boarding staff for small businesses. Barbara is an investor and entrepreneur with a keen interest in scalable business models, systems, processes and automation, content marketing and the power of inspired and empowered teams. 

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The mission of the Virtual Hub is to eradicate small business overwhelm by simplifying the offshore outsourcing process and facilitating cost-effective business scalability. Hiring support is not easy, so I’m excited to hear what Barbara has learnt from hiring some of the best VAs.

Join our conversation as we explore setting expectations, the “huddle” concept, and learning from the mistakes we’ve made. It’s time to get out of the loop of being stuck in the busy work trenches, and start thinking about the bigger picture.

Talking Points
  • The simple steps to overcoming overwhelm (1:33)
  • The story behind The Virtual Hub (7:40)
  • A long-term thinking mindset (12:08)
  • Busting the common myths behind ‘I can’t delegate’ (20:19)
  • Procrastinating behind busy work (26:14)
  • The most effective way to recruit and onboard a VA (31:26)
  • Providing structures through tools (38:00)
  • The first step of delegation (39:41)

"Delegation percolates and evolves." - Barbara Turley

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