Fostering Clarity with Doug Fraser

As host of NPR’s What We Do, Doug Fraser is not afraid to dive deep and follow his curiosity. Today we learn about the craft of clarity.

My guest this time round is Doug Fraser, a creator, producer, and host of NPR’s What We Do. He’s a true expert when it comes to storytelling… be it the history of rats to kitchens. He’s not afraid to ask questions, which makes him a very exciting guest to have on the show.

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After years in the ad agency world, Doug now follows his own path to provide a valuable one-on-one marketing experience for businesses of all sizes. From pizza joints to multi-billion-dollar car dealerships, he’s helped brands achieve copywriting, social marketing, and videography success.

Doug and I spend time talking about being present and seeking clarity through simplicity. Join us as we explore taking on new hobbies, capturing ideas, and knowing when it’s the right time to quit.

Talking Points
  • The impact curiosity has across all aspects of Doug’s life (1:41)
  • Energy from learning new things (6:57)
  • Balancing the time between learning and working (10:37)
  • Everyday tactics to help stay present (12:54)
  • His 4-step process for success (22:14)
  • Overcoming the sunk cost fallacy (36:41)
  • What simplicity shows us (39:13)
  • Process to note new ideas during a podcast interview (42:08)
  • Doug’s most invaluable tools (49:27)
  • Journaling and useful frameworks (51:27)
"Everything that we’re learning is adding up in us."

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