The Transparency Wave with Paul Pagnato

After analysing companies for almost 30 years, Paul Pagnato, shows how we’re in an exponential era. Find out how transparency is the key to growth.

We can feel pretty vulnerable when being transparent. But real change happens when we start to be more honest with ourselves and those around us. This is why I’m so excited to have Paul Pagnato on the show today to deep dive into how we can adopt the transparency mindset.

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Paul has spent much of his career managing capital as a wealth advisor. From studying so many companies, he came to the realization that society has grown through massive waves of transformation over the last 500 years. And we’re going through one now – The Transparency Wave. 

His latest book Transparency Wave: Exponential Changes That Will Transform Our World is an impactful read that dissects how an increasingly connected and technologically-advanced world presents exponential opportunities. Join us as we discuss his 6Ts of Exponential Transparency™, embracing fear, genomics – and yogis.  

Talking Points
  • What the Transparency Wave is (1:21)
  • The exponential element of transparency (3:46)
  • The 6Ts of Exponential Transparency™ (6:18)
  • The challenges when adopting a transparency mindset (9:18)
  • How we can apply this mindset to our personal lives (13:31)
  • The challenges with accountability (26:16)
  • The role of longevity (28:26)
  • How we can embrace failure (31:38)
"Transparency changes everything."
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