Virtual Event Conversions with Liam Austin

Since hosting his first virtual event in 2015, Liam Austin knows the formula to making a successful one.

I learnt heaps from today’s interview with virtual events expert Liam Austin. As the world has gone radically digital for so many businesses this year, find out in today’s episode why a virtual event is a great way to grow your business and community.

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Liam is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ and Virtual Summit Academy, which organizes many virtual summits and publishes marketing tactics of top entrepreneurs. When he had over 15,000 people register to attend his first virtual event in 2015 – Liam knew he had to share what he did to the wider business community.

In this interview we explore producing live versus pre-recorded events, building tight funnels, how to stand out from other events, and how to make sure you attendees get the most out of the session.

Talking Points
  • What you can leverage from hosting virtual events (1:31)
  • How to stand out amongst the virtual noise (5:00)
  • The rough timeline needed when creating an event (13:14)
  • How can attendees get the most out of online events (27:14)
  • Optimizing what to do post-event (30:27)
"Reverse engineer from your end goal."
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