Being Nice with Dave Delaney

As a specialist in delivering presentations and workshops to empower leaders, I’m excited to share with you today’s guest Dave Delaney - an expert on being nice.

Dave Delaney joins the show, creator of the NICE Method™. He’s a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and the author of the acclaimed book, New Business Networking. He’s worked with the likes of Google, LinkedIn and UPS.
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I’m excited to speak with the fellow Canadian and comedy fan, to learn more about his approach to simply being... well, nice. We know the world could do with more of that! Tune in as we discuss practising empathy, the “Yes, and…” mindset, being open-minded – and my love for Ted Lasso on Apple TV.

Talking Points
  • Leaning into ‘niceness’ (1:43)
  • Dealing with jerks (3:38)
  • The link between happiness and niceness (6:43)
  • How to not treat it as a throwaway word (9:33)
  • Being authentically nice (11:31)
  • The skill in considering other people’s opinions and beliefs (26:22)
  • The NICE Method™ framework (31:39)
  • The impact of music (34:26)
"First and foremost, be nice to yourself."

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