Eating Frogs with Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy’s goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier – by eating your frogs first.

What I love about my podcast is that I get to speak with true mentors in this space - and Brian Tracy has been on my list to speak with for a long time. As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, Brian has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 5 million people through talks and seminars worldwide. He has also published over 90 books, most notably the best-selling Psychology of Achievement. 
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His most recent book, Eat That Frog! for Students: 22 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Excel in School serves students to improve their time management skills and achieve their dream goals. In light of the latest edition of this book Eat That Frog!, I’m fascinated by how time management bleeds into everything. Join our conversation as we discuss writing goals in the present tense, the role of self-esteem, his magic wand exercise, and educating the student market. Now go eat your frog today!

Talking Points
  • Why students need to learn more about time management (3:20)
  • What stops students from exploring better time management? (6:15)
  • Handwritten vs digital notes (11:25)
  • The timeless problems and solutions we all face (26:17)
"Success in life is about task completion – not task working on."
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