A Catalyst For Hope with Thane Marcus Ringler

Thane Marcus Ringler takes the professional athlete's mindset to everyday people in everyday life.

Today’s guest is Thane Marcus Ringler, the former professional golfer turned speaker, writer, development coach and podcast host of The Up & Comers Show. It’s his mission to help people get unstuck and overcome the self-limiting beliefs we all tend to carry.
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In this episode we explore the four perspective shifts from his book Catalysts For Hope: Unlocking Energy, Optimism, And Your Full Potential. Thane’s idealism is infectious, and this will help frame your mind as we begin 2021. Join this conversation as we discuss the art of leaning in, the process of writing his book, critical thinking – and dragonflies. 

Talking Points
  • The 4 Catalysts that will shift your perspective (3:17)
  • Focus on the process, no the destination (6:23)
  • Identifying your baby steps (9:34)
  • A hope-filled life is more practical than you think (13:05)
  • Why we regularly overlook our purpose (28:01)
  • A case for Idealism (30:18)
  • The power of pause (35:32)

"Purpose is active. We don’t default our way into it."

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