Thinking Time with Natalie Sisson

Four years since I last spoke with entrepreneur Natalie Sisson, a lot has changed. Join me as we explore her growth journey.

Natalie Sisson is a New Zealand entrepreneur, author, speaker, lover of handstands and triathlete. It’s taken a lot of incremental micro steps for Natalie to pivot from her Suitcase Entrepreneur identity to the Natalise Sisson she is today. Since late 2018 she has been focused on helping everyday people in jobs, freelance careers and with their own business to monetize their sweet spot and get paid to be them.

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Join today’s conversation as we talk about vision planning, audiobooks, and when it’s time to unlearn systems, tools and habits that aren’t serving you anymore. I was fascinated by Natalie’s investment in her personal growth and how she embraces the beginner’s mindset. 

Talking Points
  • Natalie’s process of changing her business identity (1:36)
  • How to get unstuck from the fear of growth (3:17)
  • What Natalie has let go (7:50)
  • The creative challenge from her latest writing project (24:11)
  • What productivity means to Natalie today (28:09)
  • Advice to entrepreneurs to do more of what they love (31:09)

"Unlearning and relearning leads to growth."

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