Productive Conversations with Therese Huston

Feedback is essential for us to move forward. But how do we use it effectively? Today’s guest, Therese Huston, gives you the practical tools that you can use today.

Therese Huston’s mission is to help conscientious, growth-minded professionals bring out their best at work. She’s a cognitive scientist at Seattle University, as well as a speaker and author of Let's Talk: Make Effective Feedback Your Superpower. Her expertise lies in helping you say what needs to be said, and – even more importantly – say it in a way that can be heard.

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Tune in as we discuss the three different types of feedback, the common biases to watch out for, and you can best coach yourself. Enjoy this episode packed with Therese’s strategies!

Talking Points
  • How effective feedback boosts your productivity (1:19)
  • Three different types of feedback (9:02)
  • Ways to avoid falling into your biases (11:59)
  • Setting clear intentions (32:40)
  • Having constructive feedback with yourself (35:54)

"Unconscious bias is leaning towards some people and away from others"

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