Get Out of Your Head with Ian Reed Kesler

With so many moving pieces as a creative freelancer, learn what actor Ian Reed Kesler does to keep focused on his projects.

Today’s guest, Ian Reed Kesler, is an actor and director best known for Sydney to the Max, Suits and 500 Days of Summer. From a serendipitous conversation on Twitter, I managed to get Ian on the show so I’m super excited to learn how he stays productive as a creative.

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What’s clear from this interview is that having a creative mind requires you to be able to turn on and off quickly. And that’s not always easy if you’re on set for 16 hours straight. Join our conversation as we discuss easy wins, systems for lazy people, and keeping organized so you can do more of what you love – as well as my IDMb profile. Whether you’re in the creative field or not, there’s something in this for everyone. 

Talking Points
  • The role of productivity for actors (4:19)
  • The two kinds of creative freelancers (13:21)
  • Running a creative company (20:05)
  • How productivity is evolving (30:11)
  • Analogue vs digital for ideas and tasks (35:37)
  • Ian’s go-to morning and evening routines (38:48)

"Putting everything in its place is what enables me to do what I love."

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