Calm Your Chaos with Nicola Taggart

Chaos is a constant. So what can you do to embrace life’s ebb and flow? Nicola Taggart joins the show to share her latest tips.

Nicola Taggart is a life and leadership success strategist, coach, consultant, speaker, and author. Nicola helps people discover a more centered and conscious approach to life that increases their presence both in life and in their career. Through her well-being programs, Calm Your Chaos journal and cards, Nicola helps you take stock of what’s going on in your life.

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We discuss how we can embrace chaos. From implementing timeless habits, powerful journaling prompts, to visual triggers – this episode will help you beat overwhelm.

Talking Points
  • The concept of Calm The Chaos (2:19)
  • How Nicola structures the journal (6:39)
  • The role of Calm The Chaos Cards in Nicola’s life (19:10)
  • Grounding activities (28:18)

"What is the experience you want to feel?"

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