BONUS EPISODE: The 3 Minutes of TimeCrafting Series (February 2019)

Another week, another bonus episode! This time I'm sharing with you all of the episodes I delivered on my discontinued 3 Minutes of TimeCrafting podcast from February of 2019.

After stopping the short-lived first edition of 3 Minutes of TimeCrafting, I decided to get back into the idea of producing a daily podcast in February 2019. I began producing shows in earnest following Groundhog Day 2019 (February 2nd) and kept it going for several months. In this lengthy episode, you'll hear me offer insights and ideas on the following:
  • Why you need to make time to sit with feedback
  • Making self-care a part of your productivity practice
  • Embracing the concept of "mise en place"
  • How to get your week to behave better
  • Why theming your days saves time with your kids
And that's just for starters. There are 26(!) episodes combined in this lengthy episode, so take your time with it. There's a lot that I offer so spread out your listening as you see fit. And if you like what you hear, let me know. Email me at to tell me directly or leave this podcast a rating/review wherever you're listening to podcasts these days.

Thanks for listening. See you later.

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