BONUS EPISODE: The 3 Minutes of TimeCrafting Series (March 2018)

This bonus episode contains all of the episodes published in my first go-round with the "3 Minutes of TimeCrafting" podcast series from March 2018.

In the following bonus episode, I've combined all of the episodes from the March 2018 run of my now-concluded 3 Minutes of TimeCrafting podcast. The topics I discuss include:
  • Using small but effective boundaries
  • The leap forward to Daylight Savings Time and how to ward off its effects on your productivity
  • Why Mondays might not be the best day to kick off your week
  • Why one question I get asked a lot is a very challenging one to answer
I hope you enjoy this bonus episode of the podcast. I'm going to be publishing the archives of 30 Days of TimeCrafting as bonus content over the next several weeks here as well as a bit of an experiment. If you like this episode, please consider leaving a rating and/or review in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you are listening to the show. Thanks for listening. See you later.

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