The BIG Ready Week: Gary Ware

It's a bonus episode of the podcast to celebrate The BIG Ready Week! This episode features one of the "funnest" guys I know, Gary Ware.

Gary Ware will be delivering a workshop called "The Productive Power of Play" at The BIG Ready. Gary is here to chat with me about the different forms of play that will make you more creative and more efficient.

Episode Highlights:
  • Breaking the pattern of conditionality – unpacking it and realizing there are different forms of play
  • Purposeful play: Priming the brain so that we can be more creative
  • Before burnout, calling a "time out" and doing something that will rejuvenate the self before going back to work
  • Instead of scrolling on social media during breaks, why not do something that is engaging that would help in keeping ideas and creativity flowing?
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