The BIG Ready Week: Stephen Warley

It's a bonus episode of the podcast to celebrate The BIG Ready Week! This episode features someone that, despite being unrelated by blood, I consider to be my American cousin – and he considers me to be his Canadian one – Stephen Warley.

Stephen Warley isn't just my good friend... he'll be facilitating the first workshop for The BIG Ready. In this bonus podcast episode, Stephen talks about being a solopreneur and the three components of reflection.

Episode Highlights:
  • As a solopreneur "YOU" are the nexus of the business, the primary resource, and the biggest obstacle. 
  • To start as a solopreneur, you need to manage yourself and to do that you need self-awareness.
  • Why it's all about being honest with yourself.
  • An action that needs to be done – but only a few take – is stopping and reflecting.
  • Reflecting has three components: Self-awareness, Reflection (ideally scheduled), and settling the mind.
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